BajtaHack Team

BajtaHack 2017

Automate houses and surroundings

Ljubljana, 2017

Our vision

  • make IoT simple, but secure!

It must be...

  • accessible to every developer
  • easy to use and developer-friendly
  • follow standards and best practices

New generation of IoT...

  • SRM modules with REST API interface to physical interfaces of sensors and actuators

About BajtaHack 2017

  • organized for the first time
  • 25 teams
  • 3-5 people/team
  • 1 team leader
  • presentation room: P22
  • hackathon rooms: P18-P21
  • silent room: P03

Kit for each team

Kit contents

Kit elements

Universal sensor


Let's form teams...

Hands on...

  • Allocate
  • Configurate
  • Use